COVID-19 is an unprecedented global public health emergency that affected almost every industry, and the long-term impacts are projected to reflect on the growth of various end-use industries during the forecast period. This ongoing research amplifies the research framework to ensure the inclusion of underlying COVID-19 issues and potential paths forward. The dedicated section in the report uncovers a detailed analysis of the impact of COVID-19 and its subsequent variant outbreaks on demand, supply, price, and vendor uptake and provides recommendations for sustainable outcomes.

Each action, such as sending a message, costs a certain amount of credits that you have to purchase to use. This can get pretty expensive, but it gives you the option to spend money only when you want to rather than paying a monthly fee. Momo’s streak of double-digit revenue growth suggests that online dating industry in China is still a fertile market. People who use Tantan only want to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, but people who use Baihe want to get married.

Global Online Dating Market: Segmentation Analysis

One of the most significant trends in the dating site market is the rise of mobile dating apps. Apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge have revolutionized the way people date, with swiping interfaces and algorithms that connect users based on shared interests and location. Another important trend in the industry is the rise of mobile dating apps, which have become increasingly popular among younger users. Apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge have revolutionized the way people date, allowing them to quickly and easily connect with potential partners on the go. Moreover, the growing demand for paid subscriptions is expected to spur market growth during the forecast period.

All three founders agree that they can’t run the business by remote control from their office in Union Square. So each will spend a couple of months a year at the soon-to-be-opened Indian office. “If you look at it from a macro perspective, we are on the right side of globalization,” Mr. Osit says. “India is growing much faster than the U.S.” — where about three-quarters of the population has regular Internet access. Still, she acknowledges that the site could draw young people who move to a big city, like Chennai, and don’t yet have a social circle and are seeking an alternative to an arranged marriage.

Online Dating Services Market

Moreover, it enables one to limit the number of people who can contact them by using various available features. Bengaluru-based independent researcher Yogesh G , like many others, was in a bind during the lockdown. Having been on dating apps like Tinder and Grindr since 2016, and using chat rooms on Yahoo and Imo to make connections, he was no stranger to virtual dating. In a bid to “channel sexual energy”, he got on Blued, a Chinese social networking app for gay men and transpersons. “From April to August, I ended up having video chats with everyone from auto and truck drivers to men with white collar jobs,” he says.

The last option on our list is not necessarily a market research site, but rather, a market research agency that you can hire to do personalized research based on your business goals . Statista is an online research portal to find statistics on just about any topic. You can find research reports on a wide range of topics — for example, recent reports cover smartphone app market share and annual oil prices. SurveyMonkey is a popular site to create and distribute online surveys, and report on feedback — so you can easily gather valuable insights straight from your target audiences.

And while this does not apply to everyone, those who feel this way may see online dating apps as platforms where they can explore their options without breaking health and safety codes. The growth of the online dating market size is driven by growing internet penetration, increasing the amount of time people spend on a smartphone, and changing communication habits. Outside traditional social circles, social patterns and increased dating and marriage contribute to coincident cultural shifts, including increasing interracial marriage rates.

A lot of the show’s viewers even become fans of the dating guests. This interesting phenomenon suggests that more and more people regard dating as a kind of entertainment as someone might find their true love on the stage under the focus of millions of viewers. It also suggests that more and more Chinese consumers are looking to get involved in dating, but cannot do so because of time restrictions. They are looking to entertainment to experience something that they themselves cannot experience. He is most interested in project management solutions, believing all businesses are a work in progress. From pitch deck to exit strategy, he is no stranger to project business hiccups and essentials.

In general, Chinese students leave high school with a lot less romantic experience than their Western counterparts. For a lot of Chinese people, serious dating starts after they’ve finished school. Stances on social issues also play a crucial part in determining if a Tinder match is someone a user would like to get to know further. Nearly 50% of women and more than 40% of men said that they would also like to see in the profile pages if a person has a child/children or not.

On the basis of Age Group, the Online Dating Market is studied across 18 to 24 Years, 25 to 34 Years, 35 to 44 Years, 45 to 54 Years, and 55 to 64 Years. The 18 to 24 Years commanded the largest size in the Online Dating Market in 2019. On the other hand, the 55 to 64 Years is expected to grow at the fastest CAGR during the forecast period. On the basis of Services, the Online Dating Market is studied across General Online Dating Services, Merging Online Dating Services, Niche Online Dating Services, Relationship Services, and Social/Event Networking Sites. The Relationship Services commanded the largest size in the Online Dating Market in 2019. On the other hand, the Social/Event Networking Sites is expected to grow at the fastest CAGR during the forecast period.

One of the biggest is the issue of trust, with many users concerned about the safety of online dating and the risk of fraud or catfishing. To address this, companies have implemented a range of measures, such as identity verification and background checks, to help users feel more secure. At the start of the pandemic, demand for dating applications spiked. OkCupid reported a “700% spike in dates” between March 2020 and May 2020, and video calls on Bumble increased by 70%. Tinder recorded 3 billion swipes in one day in March 2020 and declared 2020 to be its busiest year.