She appears healthy enough for her age with a well-maintained figure as nicely. She has whitish hair shade whereas her eyes are of the color brown.

Reeves and grant have been friends since at least 2011.

Compare him with someone like Leonardo DiCaprio, who has been extensively mocked for less than relationship women half his age. The amount of individuals assuming that Keanu’s new girlfriend Alexandra is a “granny” just because she’s obtained grey hair proves how conditioned women are to look youthful always. Keanu went on one date with media character Amanda de Cadenet in 1997. She recounted in her guide, “We met when I was two months pregnant, 19 years previous and married to another man [John Taylor of Duran Duran],” de Cadenet wrote. “Within minutes of first laying eyes on [Reeves], I remember thinking, ‘I marvel how many pregnant girls have affairs?

The two’s relationship grew to become romantic earlier in 2019, and so they’re able to be extra public.

Actor Keanu Reeves was trending on social media after being photographed with a girl individuals are saying is “age-appropriate,” drawing commentary about gender fairness in Hollywood. Alexandra works as a movie producer, director, and visual artist. I wish this were not the case, but I’m a little freaked out about turning 39. Because let’s be sincere — what we’re talking about, when we’re talking about ladies and getting older, is losing status. Just by staying alive over the next decades, just by not dying, my value is going to drop. It’s going to occur to me, and if you’re a woman, it’s going to happen to you, and it already happened to Alexandra Grant, which is why we’re all so happy with Keanu, a man with so much status, for allegedly dating her anyway.

Grant and reeves have gone to a number of purple carpet occasions.

Reeves first met Syme in 1998 at a promotional party for his alt-rock band Dogstar where they “instantly fell in love.” The following yr, Syme turned pregnant with their daughter Ava Archer Syme-Reeves. She was stillborn on Christmas Eve of 1999, simply eight months into Jennifer’s pregnancy. Ava’s demise took a toll on their relationship, resulting in Syme and Reeves calling it off just some weeks later, based on the Sun. “Of course Keanu loves a woman who doesn’t conform to ageist pressures to dye silver hair,” one individual wrote on Twitter.

It’s very troublesome, if you end up younger, to realize that someday you may be outdated. It’s the one category shift that we all go through, if we’re fortunate, and but it’s practically inconceivable for us to imagine. When I was 24, my neighbor invited me to his 35th birthday celebration, and I can keep in mind being boggled by the sight of all of these adults consuming and dancing as in the event that they were still younger.

The two made their occasion debut as pals in 2016.

The veteran has named his daughter Gia Virginia Chen De Niro, whom he shares together with his girlfriend Tiffany Chen. De Niro and Chen first met on the set of ‘The Intern’ in 2015, the place she played a Tai Chi teacher. Talking about his daughter, the actor mentioned on CBS morning that Gia was born on April 6, weighing eight pounds, 6 ounces. He mentioned that both he and Chen needed to have a toddler and have been “over the moon” after their daughter was born.

On Twitter, most followers had nothing however help for the apparent new couple. Alexandra’s jaw-length grey hair was swept to at least one side and she or he decked herself out in several pieces of dainty silver jewelry. At one point, Alexandra was caught flashing a wide smile in her partner’s direction as they chatted between snaps. “She’s kind, heat and spiritual, just like Keanu, and a fantastic communicator.

Grant can officiate weddings.

She’s one of many few individuals who’s managed to get Keanu to open up about his emotions and past,” they concluded. “He was in such a darkish place for thus long, but Alexandra’s optimistic outlook and assist have played an enormous part in helping him turn his life round,” the insider defined, noting that communication has been a significant key to their success. You know, the concept of becoming in… If I needed to appear to be Kim Kardashian, I must have surgical procedure removing a few foot off my legs. People have a misconception that you could cope with it and say, ‘It’s gone, and I’m better.’ They’re wrong.