Ourtime Dating site is an online dating platform for singles over 50. The site caters to those who are looking for companionship, love, and romance. It provides a safe, secure, and confidential way to find people within a certain age group. The site also has unique algorithms that can match you to match your activity.

The company states that it does not provide any information to the third-party advertisers who post on its site, but it can retain your data even if you close your account. Once you’ve found a match, you can get in touch via instant message or email. There’s also a neat built-in video chat option that you can take advantage of to help you get to know matches a little better before meeting in person. The signup process for OurTime is simple, especially for those who may not be too internet-savvy. The user dashboard is easy to use and convenient for people of all levels of tech experience, so your son or daughter won’t have to teach you how to use it. They have a lot of great people to meet and have a great time with.

You will also need to cancel the automatic renewal if you have an active subscription. Once complete, you will lose access to your account, and within 25 hours, your profile will disappear. If you want to keep your account and access your information anytime, you can suspend your profile rather than delete it. Once you’re reading to take things offline, OurTime hosts a list of live events. These can make for fun dates, including cocktail hours and cooking classes. The Events page will show you what’s happening in your area.

Very Simple to Use

OurTime automatically suggests possible dates for you, but you shouldn’t let this be your only way of finding people. When you proactively seek out other users, you are greatly increasing your chances of meeting someone. From there, try to include photos that convey your personality and the things you enjoy.

Once complete, you can start your journey of looking for someone with the same interests as you. After you sign up and create your basic profile, you can take the Affinity Questionnaire , gathering your likes and dislikes to make better matches. They ask you to input some information such as your age, gender, hobbies, and preferences. The UK OurTime dating site is straightforward, with a great user experience that means you don’t have to scroll through answers. Instead, you click the solution that’s most relevant to you from the list that pops up.

All I get now are fake profiles from women that claim to be in my age range where the photos show people at least half the age and from cities and states 2000 miles away. I tried to check out Hinge and was automatically directed to this site I guess because of my age. I remembered not having a good experience once before, but decided to try it again. I’ve tried many x’s to “delete selected” people I’m not interested in and they won’t go away – do I really need to block them?

OurTime: would free

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to check this website for some time because of certain circumstances and now I can’t find any of them. I’ve hinted at this earlier, but let me emphasize it again – the usability aspect of the site is great. It’s super-simple, super-clear and very easy to navigate. Ya, the paywall pop-up did piss me off a bit, but as you’ll see in a minute, the prices are actually pretty reasonable. Perhaps I wouldn’t be as pissed as I am if there were clear indications straight fro the get-go.

The free site gives a good overview of what you could get with a paid membership, letting you try before buying. Overall, it’s a good dating site, but give the free trial a go before you commit. Check out our Our Time dating site UK review below to get the lowdown on what OurTime is like and whether it could be the right dating site for you.

We don’t think they’re creating these tests profiles to scam you based on the experience that we have with this dating service. Unlike other profiles the test profles seem to be used for legitimate testing purposes and not to create an army of fictitious profiles to scam you. Regarding the complex pricing structure at OurTime, it’s up to you if that’s a pro or a con. If you want the ability to pay for a slight advantage and prefer the complex flexibilities, go for it. But if you’re like us, we’re fans of keeping it simple and only charging people once for access to all of the features. This is just simpler and we think offers a better user experience.

You are an above fifty male or female and you can will love in order to rates significantly less than possible? OurTime is the best dating provider for matchmaking more fifty american singles. Here are some tips and you will advice for an OurTime free trial offer membership.

Answers from the OurTime Free trial offer Membership

Its a great way for older singles to meet new people and form relationships, with many users reporting success stories of finding true connection and companionship. The site also helps to curate match suggestions, making it easier to find an appropriate partner. Due to privacy concerns, most dating sites have done away with the in-app people search function.

If you are serious enough about relationship, you should consider this mobile app. All jokes aside, I was very pleasantly surprised by the app in question. Mostly because OurTime seems to have managed to not only create a functional and well-designed app, but also keep things very simple and straightforward. Yet again, this just shows their attention to the target audience. There are plenty of dating sites for seniors, but OurTime is surely one of the best to meet someone. With a subscription, you will have access to features on the website as you connect with other singles.

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